PCOC commends California Dept. of Pesticides for reconsidering proposed changes


February 9, 2024

Please Fill Out The Following Fields.Pest management professionals (PMPs) who work in California will not be required to install eyewash stations because the California Department of Pesticides (DPR) decided not to proceed with proposed regulations related to pesticide decontamination sites.

The Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC) announced it applauds the move. It had raised concerns that sections of the proposed regulations — which were published on March 17, 2023, in the California Regulatory Notice Register — were “impracticable to implement and placed pest control companies and their employees in untenable positions.”

On May 16, 2023, the PCOC issued comments on behalf of the professional pest management industry about the DPR’s proposed regulatory changes to pesticide decontamination sites stated in proposed rule making package DPR 23-001. It stated that enforcing the use of the goggles and personal protective equipment (PPE) as required on product labels would ensure the safety of PMPs.

“The leadership of PCOC appreciates DPR’s willingness to work with PCOC representatives that sought to help the agency better understand the daily complexities that professional pest control industry representatives and technician’s encounter,” PCOC CEO Michael E. Wilson said. “Through continued dialogue, we believe that we can strike a better balance of costs and burdens to secure more practical solutions to ensure the safety of our employees.”

The PCOC represents the interests of more than 700 members who help generate over $3.4 billion worth of pest management economic activity in California. It has served the business and educational needs of PMPs in the state for more than 80 years.

“PCOC believes that our industry’s focus on existing personal protection equipment requirements prevents exposure and provides adequate safety of employed persons,” added PCOC President Mary Hernandez. “This is the sensible action that DPR should take instead of mandating the installation of eyewash stations.”

The PCOC leadership is dedicated to cooperating with government agencies and the regulated industry to enhance safety and the quality of their operations for the betterment of all Californians. The association said it appreciates the opportunity to provide input on the proposed pesticide decontamination sites regulation, and believes that industry input is invaluable in shaping regulations that align with the best interests of California’s pest management industry and its residents. The PCOC said it looks forward to further collaboration and engagement in the development of pragmatic regulatory requirements.


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