Review bed bug treatment protocols


February 9, 2024

Dr. Joe Argentine

Dr. Joe Argentine

With bed bug calls on the rise in some areas, it’s a good idea for pest management professionals to review current treatment protocols. As part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program, the first, most important step is to conduct a thorough inspection. This includes asking customers whether they have insect bites and if so, when they were first noticed. Ask whether they’ve seen blood spots on walls, linens or mattresses, and whether they have actually seen the pests.

Use a powerful flashlight to inspect any areas the customers mention. Then, move on to typical hotspots, such as mattress seams, box spring cracks and crevices, behind the headboard, and crevices on the bed legs, especially if the bed is supported by bed frame caster wheels. Did you know that between 70 percent and 90 percent of bed bug infestations are in these areas?
Next, focus on areas behind wall hangings, drapes, baseboard areas, wall sockets, drawers and furniture, particularly the undersides.

Based on the inspection results, provide customers with a clear checklist for what they need to do prior to the treatment. This could include removing linens and clothing and washing them at high temperatures, bagging drawer contents, and moving certain items. These steps will make the treatments — regardless of whether they are vacuuming, heat, encasements, insecticide dusts, aerosols or dilutables — much more effective in combating bed bug infestations.


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Dr. Argentine is the technical market manager for BASF.

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