Skyhawk: Kiwi+


February 9, 2024



The Kiwi+ (Kiwi Plus) is the latest member of Skyhawk’s Trapmate  line of electronic remote monitoring products for rodent and wildlife control. The Kiwi+ is the successor to the Trapmate Kiwi, which is one of the most widely used electronic remote monitoring devices in the wildlife control industry. Similar to the original Kiwi, the Kiwi+ utilizes Skyhawk’s trademarked DualSense technology for detecting when animals are in traps. The Kiwi+ sends trap and device alerts and other status information to the Skyhawk app and enterprise portal using a cellular cloud connection.

The Kiwi+ adds additional battery power, extending the lifetime for a single set of batteries to between three and five years based on usage. The batteries are now more easily replaceable than with the original Kiwi. Combined with other enhancements, the Kiwi+ is much more resistant to environmental conditions than the original Kiwi. All Kiwi+ units also feature the Kiwi sleeve, for additional protection from the elements and to make installing the device even easier. The Kiwi+ sleeve includes a slot for easy and secure addition of accessories, such as magnet cradles, which makes setting it up easy on any kind of animal trap.

The DualSense Kiwi+ offers two different ways to detect when an animal is in a trap, which can be used together or separately:

  1. The reed switch, which uses a magnet, alerts you when the trap door has closed, providing a nearly 100 percent accurate alert.
  2. The adjustable sensitivity internal accelerometer, which detects vibrations, sends alerts when it detects the movements of an animal in the trap.

The Kiwi+ is available for purchase on a pre-order basis now through the Trapmate website, or by calling Skyhawk (800-760-3699). First orders will be shipped in March 2024. It will also be available in March through most major wildlife control equipment distributors.

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