Tips to avoid bringing bed bugs home


February 12, 2024

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher, BCE, PHE

Whether through travel, hotel stays, or visits to public places, bed bugs can be picked up just about anywhere. To avoid taking them home with you, recognizing early signs of their presence can be crucial in preventing infestations.

Look for small reddish-brown spots on bedding, molts or shed skins, as these are the first indicators. Unexplained “bites” upon waking or a sweet, musty odor in the bedroom also could signal a growing bed bug population. Bed bugs can fit into very tight spaces due to their flattened and smooth bodies. Thoroughly inspect all cracks, crevices, folds and tags of fabrics and furniture.

While preventing bed bugs entirely may seem challenging, early detection and swift action can make a significant difference. Familiarizing yourself with these early signs and being thorough in your inspections are vital whenever dealing with bed bugs.


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