Insects Limited: All Beetle Trap Kit with RTU Gel Cartridge


February 13, 2024



Working closely with the pest control industry, Insects Limited recognized the need for a device that could fit in areas suspected of insect infestation without taking up much space. Its All Beetle Trap Kit with Ready-to-Use (RTU) Gel Cartridge (IL-2750) includes complete three-part All Beetle traps and multi-species beetle and moth attractants in a pheromone gel to monitor for the presence of food-infesting insects. Each kit comes with 10 sets of the clear top, blue base, and snap-in replaceable tray, as well as 10 packets of the multi-species food-infesting insect attractant to help ensure there are no insects in the food you are trying to protect. A clear view lid allows easy inspection, and the kit also boasts a sturdy polypropylene base and a replaceable tray that easily snaps in from below. This low-profile trap slides easily beneath equipment or fits nicely into corners or along walls.

About Insects Limited

Pest Management Professional (PMP) Hall of Famer David Mueller, BCE, (Class of 2019) started Insects Limited  in 1981. It was founded on a statement made by one of his entomology professors, fellow PMP Hall of Famer Dr. John Osmun (Class of 1997) at Purdue University: “The future of pest control is without the use of toxic chemicals.”

Today, per its website, the Westfield, Ind.-based pheromone technology company researches, tests, develops, manufactures and distributes pheromones and trapping systems for insects in a global marketplace with a focus on the statement above. It provides products and services that are mainstream in protecting stored food, grain, museum collections, tobacco, and fiber worldwide.

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