4 steps to ensure effective bed bug treatment


February 16, 2024

Dr. Chris Keefer, Technical Services Manager, Professional Pest Management, Syngenta

Dr. Chris Keefer

For many customers, bed bugs are the stuff of nightmares. Take the following four steps to ensure your treatment is effective and help your customers feel secure with your expertise:

1. Inspect. A thorough inspection should include an interview with the occupants, a visual inspection for harborages, use of monitors and detailed notetaking.

2. Identify. Proper identification is critical for developing an effective IPM plan, as it can lead to clues about the possible source of the infestation. Here are a few tips:

  • Use up-to-date references.
  • Contact universities, extension agents or other industry experts for help.
  • Know the differences among pests like the common bed bug, tropical bed bug (C. hemipterus), bat bug (C. pilosellus), poultry bug (Haematosiphon inodorus), etc.

3. Communicate. Advise customers on mattress encasements and other preventive methods. Discuss your treatment plan with customers and set expectations about the treatment length and results of your initial inspection. Use verbal and written communication, including photos and videos where permitted.

4. Treat. Use a vacuum to remove bed bug adults, nymphs and eggs. Treat harborage sites that are less disturbed and away from light. Use microencapsulated, lipophilic (dissolvable) formulations to enhance the probability of a bed bug picking up a lethal dose.


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