Indentify the source of bed bug infestations


February 16, 2024

Kim Kelley-Tunis, ACE, BCE, PCQI

Kim Kelley-Tunis, ACE, BCE, PCQI

Bed bugs can be a difficult pest to control because of their cryptic nature. These elusive insects exploit tight cracks and crevices to hide during the day, emerging at night in search of a bloodmeal from a nearby host. As their name implies, bed bugs often are found hiding behind baseboards, along the seams of mattresses and box springs, or on bed frames waiting to emerge and feed on their unsuspecting food source. However, bed bugs are not always restricted to the bedroom of a home. They can be found in any area of a structure, both residential and commercial, that is frequented by a potential host. That’s why the key to a successful control program begins with a thorough inspection to identify the source or sources of the infestation.

Identifying all those areas that are frequented by your customer is not just an important step for finding the pests, but also important for identifying the best treatment options. In some cases, treating the home is only half the battle and may only address the insects inside the home. For some, the infestation may be originating from outside the home, such as from the workplace, a transportation vehicle, or even a recreational facility, and result in a treatment failure and continued problems for your customers.


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Kim Kelley-Tunis, ACE, BCE, PCQI, is senior director of field services at Nisus.

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