Don’t let bed bugs mess with your head


February 21, 2024

Dr. Nina Jenkins

Dr. Nina Jenkins

Bed bugs mess with your clients’ heads. There is a broad spectrum of human reactions to bed bug infestations, from those who appear to be utterly oblivious to the problem to those whose response is to throw out all their furniture and scrub the house clean three times a day.

The oblivious clients tend to have the most extreme infestations. Still, the ones at the other end of the spectrum can cause even bigger headaches. Often, these clients have had several treatments from other companies and remain convinced the bed bugs are still present. Don’t get drawn into treating these accounts until you have verified live bed bug activity. Bites are insufficient evidence, and you will likely get continual callbacks because none of the products in your truck can treat delusory parasitosis! Set bed bug monitors and return two weeks later to determine whether treatment is required.


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Dr. Nina Jenkins is the founder and CTO of ConidioTec.

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