Tips to prevent bed bugs


February 23, 2024

Joseph Latino

Joseph Latino

Too often, when we ask PMPs what they do to prevent bed bugs, their answer is “preventing bed bugs is impossible.”

We agree that preventing bed bug introductions is impossible. However, preventing an introduction from developing into an infestation certainly is possible, proven and profitable. While not a frontline tool, active mattress liners can enhance every bed bug treatment strategy. These insecticide-impregnated liners kill newly introduced bed bugs and prevent female bed bugs from taking a bloodmeal, which prevents her from depositing eggs. This ensures an introduction doesn’t become an infestation for at least two years.

Importantly, active mattress liners can be installed on a mattress or box spring by one person in less than a minute. They are maintenance-free, so ripping or tearing will not affect liner efficiency. They are backed by extensive lab and field data.
So, PMPs looking to reduce callbacks, enhance customer confidence and retention, and increase growth and overall revenue should consider using active mattress liners in 2024 anywhere there is a bed.


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