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March 6, 2024

Dr. Jim Fredericks

Dr. Jim Fredericks

The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), which serves as the public outreach arm of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), has made monumental strides over the past two decades in growing and advocating for the pest control industry by cultivating a legacy of innovation and excellence.

2023 was an outstanding year for PPMA, as we used engaging programming to educate consumers about the dangers pests present year-round — all while highlighting the value of hiring a pest management professional (PMP). In 2024, we are building upon our growing momentum, leaning into novel initiatives as well as tried-and-true practices to expand industry reach.

Tapping into research

This year, we are seeking to understand more about our consumer audience through our large-scale research project, the 2024 Pest Control Attitude and Usage Survey. Previous iterations of this survey were conducted in 2021 and 2017; however, this edition will provide a refreshed look at the landscape. It will help measure industry reputation, evaluate marketing and communication practices, and showcase unique insight into the distinct generations of pest control customers, with the goal of understanding similarities and differences related to pest control needs, usage and perceptions.

We also conduct a series of polls and surveys each year to understand the current consumer sentiments and behaviors around pests, and we utilize our artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools to analyze consumer engagement and determine the most problematic pests nationwide, among other capabilities. Our extensive research library, readily available to PPMA members via Mainframe, informs media relations and marketing efforts, providing tactical guidelines to resonate with various audiences.

Innovative campaigns

As a champion for the pest control industry, PPMA is always on the frontline of innovation, creating unique campaigns that capture the attention of consumers nationwide and highlight the value of working with a PMP. In recent years, our educational campaigns have touched on the hidden threats pests pose with projects like “Tiny Termite House” and “Will They Eat It?” showing captivating footage of the damage termites can inflict on a household.

Through campaigns such as “Out of Sight,” we successfully educated consumers that pests can carry bacteria and diseases, even if they’re not visible to the naked eye. This year, we are taking a deeper dive through a microscopic lens to discover “What Grows There.” This campaign will tell an intriguing story of the health threats transmitted by pests, examining them and showcasing the dangers growing beneath the surface.

From producing award-winning public service announcements (PSAs) that air in the top media markets and streaming services nationwide to going viral on social media, PPMA is continually at the forefront of pest conversations, getting useful, factual information to consumers while highlighting the pest control industry’s essential role of protectors of food, property and public health.

All the successful programming PPMA provides year after year is powered by generous investors from pest control companies and the supplier community. These investments, above and beyond NPMA membership dues, help advance PPMA’s marketing and public awareness initiatives. I invite you to join us in propelling the pest control industry to new heights. If you are interested in pledging your support, please contact me at jfredericks@pestworld.org or PPMA@pestworld.org.

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Dr. Jim Fredericks, PHOTO: National Pest Management Association

You can reach Dr. Fredericks, BCE, executive director of the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), at jfredericks@pestworld.org

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