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Rodent exclusion is worth the effort Posted on 25 Feb 2019 in the Callback Cures & featured & Mice & Rodents & Technical categories.

So, is it really possible to physically exclude mice by sealing up gaps and filling in holes? Read more»

Prevent bed bugs from spreading with shoes Posted on 25 Jan 2019 in the Bed Bugs & Callback Cures & featured & Technical categories.

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) continue to rank as one of the most important pests for the industry. Despite the regularity with which we encounter and work with bed bugs, it’s... Read more»

Are you among the ‘Walking Dead’ at cockroach accounts? Posted on 02 Jan 2019 in the Callback Cures & Cockroaches & featured & Technical categories.

The American public has had a fascination with zombies for decades, with the TV show “The Walking Dead” serving as just a recent example of this phenomenon. But while the... Read more»

Achieve your winter training goals Posted on 12 Dec 2018 in the Callback Cures & featured & Technical categories.

Winter months mean cool weather and fewer pests — the perfect time to expand your knowledge of pest control. Don’t neglect to incorporate training and education into the wintertime to-do... Read more»

Explain GPC to clients Posted on 06 Dec 2018 in the Callback Cures & Technical categories.

Pest management professionals (PMPs) sometimes refer to general pest control (GPC) as a way to lump all of the “other pests” that are not wood-destroying insects (WDI) or bed bugs... Read more»

How weather affects mosquito populations Posted on 16 Oct 2018 in the featured & Mosquitoes categories.

The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), which serves as the public outreach arm of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), recently released its Vector Sector forecast for major cities across... Read more»

Creative bait placements maximize consumption Posted on 18 Sep 2018 in the Cockroaches & featured categories.

This strategy for placing cockroach bait might your best bet for challenging accounts. Read more»

Double-check your pest IDs Posted on 04 Sep 2018 in the Business & featured & Invasive/Occasional Species & Technical categories.

When identifying pests, double-check your answer and get a second opinion if something seems amiss. Read more»

Phorid flies: Complete inspections can rule out costly solutions Posted on 27 Aug 2018 in the featured & Flies categories.

Perform a full inspection to ensure there isn’t a simpler solution to a phorid fly infestation. Read more»

Springtails: The pest insect that isn’t Posted on 17 May 2018 in the featured & Invasive/Occasional Species & Technical categories.

Springtails are such an ancient group of arthropods that 400-year-old fossils exist. Read more»