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You can reach Dr. Fredericks, VP of technical and regulatory affairs for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), at

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Create career paths for the next generation Posted on 03 Mar 2021 in the Current Issue & From the Magazine & Technical categories.

The National Pest Management Association's Workforce Development Initiative is designed to encourage job seekers to find careers in professional pest management industry. Read more»

Turn a rainy day into an educational opportunity Posted on 03 Feb 2021 in the Callback Cures & From the Magazine & Technical categories.

Talk to your customers about how the current weather trends in your region, including rain, may be affecting local pest pressure. Read more»

Exterior pest inspections may require a change in direction Posted on 19 Jan 2021 in the Callback Cures & Current Issue & From the Magazine & Technical categories.

The winter months are a great time to focus on finding and communicating pest exclusion opportunities to clients to add value. Read more»

2021 could be the start of something big Posted on 29 Dec 2020 in the Business & Callback Cures & From the Magazine categories.

Consider these resolutions that can be adapted for your circumstances; perhaps one will strike a chord with you for 2021. Read more»

’Tis the season for SPP surprises Posted on 04 Nov 2020 in the Callback Cures & From the Magazine & Stored Product Pests & Technical categories.

Share practical IPM advice with clients, reminding them to keep baking supplies in airtight containers to deter stored product pests. Read more»

Halloween, spiders and wide-eyed babies Posted on 20 Oct 2020 in the From the Magazine & Spiders categories.

What makes spiders so creepy? We even include them as spooky decorations for Halloween. Dr. Jim Fredericks explains why humans fear spiders. Read more»

Data drive recommendations for roof rat control Posted on 16 Sep 2020 in the COVID-19 & Technical categories.

A study funded by the Pest Management Foundation shed light on data-driven approaches that PMPs can use to improve their treatment methods for roof rats. Read more»

Study examines landscape’s impact on pests Posted on 24 Aug 2020 in the Technical categories.

A recent research study in Auburn, Ala., shows that landscape features influenced the likelihood of infestation by common pests. Read more»

The silver lining to the Asian giant hornet phenomenon Posted on 03 Jun 2020 in the Callback Cures & Hornets & Invasive/Occasional Species & Stinging Insects & Technical categories.

Ultimately, the message to consumers remains the same: Stinging insect control is a job for a pro, not a do-it-yourself project. Read more»

Protect yourself, others from ticks Posted on 06 May 2020 in the Callback Cures & Fleas & Ticks & Technical categories.

There is zero evidence that ticks transmit COVID-19, but they remain the most important vector of arthropod-borne disease in the U.S. Read more»