Identify cockroaches through IPM


March 18, 2024

Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd

As a former technician, I’ve encountered numerous instances of active cockroach infestations within residential settings. Addressing such issues requires a systematic approach.

Identification is the first crucial step in an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy. Through meticulous monitoring, document both live and dead cockroaches, as well as the presence of fecal matter. This sets a threshold for your action plan, so you can then move on to treatment and prevention.

The most important preventive step in cockroach IPM is cleanliness and sanitation. Remove all food and debris from affected areas of harborage and use a vacuum with HEPA filtration to remove dead cockroaches and their castings. Follow up with a thorough cleaning, using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. This will reveal otherwise hidden points of entry or moisture sources, which can be repaired or simply filled with caulking. Clean and dry trash cans, and move them away from food sources.

After appropriate treatment, use glue boards to monitor progress during follow-up visits.


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