Insects monitors to manage cockroaches


March 20, 2024

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher, BCE, PHE

Insect monitors are a crucial tool in the management of German cockroaches (Blattella germanica) and other cockroach species. To maximize the effectiveness of monitors, place them near potential harborage areas and secure in place. In hard-to-reach areas, consider using an adhesive to fasten the monitors firmly. Using monitors can provide essential insights such as:

  • Species identification. Insect monitors aid in pinpointing the presence of cockroaches and facilitating targeted treatment strategies.
  • Harborage areas. Observing the direction of cockroach movements on monitors can uncover the number and location of harborages for more precise treatment efforts.
  • Infestation level. Monitoring nymphs and adults on insect monitors helps gauge infestation severity and tracks population growth or decline. For example,
    the presence of adults can indicate recent introductions, while many nymphs may suggest an overcrowded harborage.
  • Streamlined visits. Regularly monitoring will save time on follow-up inspections, offering early detection and swift response.


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