Develop protocol for cockroaches


March 22, 2024

Chris Keefer

Dr. Chris Keefer, technical services manager at Syngenta Professional Pest Management

Developing a sound protocol for cockroaches is critical to success. For thorough control, your protocol should include understanding biology and ecology, following sanitation guidelines and using multiple formulations and active ingredients.

An appropriate HEPA vacuum can be used in situations with dense cockroach populations. HEPA vacuums will not only collect cockroaches, but also trash, fecal material and other debris in harborage areas.

For long-term results in preventing insecticide resistance, rotate multiple cockroach gel baits with different active ingredients in varying chemical classes. For each active ingredient in your rotation, refer to the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) designation to ensure you’re using products from different chemical classes with the appropriate modes of action. Visit to learn more.


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