Combatting paper wasps, yellowjackets


April 5, 2024

Sylvia Kenmuir, BCE

Sylvia Kenmuir, BCE

If you are combatting paper wasps (Polistinae) or yellowjackets (Vespula spp.), consider using a nonrepellent. This formulation type can help you prioritize long-term control and colony elimination over immediate knockdown. Nonrepellent insecticides offer a slower kill but can have the advantage of not agitating the insects, which can assist with reducing immediate insect aggression and stings.

Additionally, some nonrepellent active ingredients can transfer from insect to insect within a colony, potentially targeting the entire population. This may be helpful in areas where the exact nest location is unknown. A nonrepellent insecticide label usually will list areas where pests can enter a structure or where stinging insect nests are located, allowing the active ingredient to work its way throughout the colony.

If you need immediate knockdown, a repellent insecticide, such as a pyrethroid, is going to be a preferable solution. These are typically formulated in aerosols.

Regardless of the insecticide you select, always ensure you wear proper PPE when dealing with stinging insects, including eye protection, footwear and a bee suit.


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Sylvia Kenmuir, BCE, Western Technical Representative, BASF

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