MGK: Sumari Insecticide Label Updates


April 12, 2024



Sumari insecticide, a product of MGK’s commitment to innovation and effectiveness, now boasts enhanced features for ant control and more. Designed to exploit the natural foraging and communal feeding behaviors of ants, Sumari sets a new standard for ant treatments. With the updated label, Sumari now provides the dual benefits of killing the colony and preventing reinfestation for up to 90 days (excluding harvester, carpenter and fire ant species).

With these updates, Sumari is more versatile than ever, the company says. It controls a wide range of pests, including German cockroaches, wasps, hornets and yellowjackets. Suitable for use in a variety of environments, Sumari is labeled for both indoor and outdoor applications, including outdoor broadcast (except in California) and use in food-handling facilities.

The dual-action formula incorporates MGK’s trademarked insect growth regulator (IGR) NyGuard, which eliminates the need for tank mixing multiple products. Designed for convenience with no signal word, Sumari is easy to use and is designed to help you minimize time spent on each job, saving you money.

About MGK

MGK’s mission is to make life healthier by creating responsible products that protect people and their environments from the impact of insects. Founded in 1902 and based in Minnesota, MGK sells insect control products throughout the world, spanning several industries including professional pest control, consumer home and pet products, animal health, and crop protection. An affiliate of Sumitomo Chemical Co., MGK is a worldwide leader in the development and distribution of the botanical insecticide pyrethrum as well as a wide range of conventional insect control technologies. MGK and its subsidiaries employ 250 people at its facilities in North America and Africa.

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