First quarter 2024 reader poll responses


April 22, 2024

Photo: oatawa/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Photo: oatawa/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Since we last compiled Pest Management Professional (PMP) magazine poll results in 2023, we have received some excellent insights from readers in our monthly polls.

We also post the same question to our columnists and PMP Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) members each month in print, to get their responses. The answers that don’t fit on the “Question of the Month” page for the print edition are always included in the online version. For example, what follow are some of our most recent polls, with a link to the contributor/EAB responses and with a few of our favorite reader responses, too.

Here’s just a sampling of the best of the best from the first quarter of 2024:

January: What should PMPs prioritize in 2024?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • “Customer retention.”
  • “Pesticide resistance.”
  • “Safety for employees and customers.”
  • “Safer rodenticide.”
  • “Geese management.”
  • “Customer service and growing additional customers.”
  • “Budget accordingly to economic strain.”
  • “Training new personnel.”

February: What are your predictions about the use of internet of things (IoT) products in the pest control industry?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • “From our interaction with the industry, the power of remote monitoring is only beginning to be appreciated by PCOs. Rodent monitoring, for instance, with our product, EverSmart Rodent, give our clients the ability to know in advance whether a client site has experienced activity and also the extent of that activity. In terms of labor and energy savings, improved outcomes and customer satisfaction, this is transformational. It also improves the firm’s Scope 3 emissions, which matters to larger clients, and allows site work to be done more efficiently, giving staff a less laborious task and more time to upsell new services and deepen client relationships. I think we’ll see this replicated across the industry.”

March: What’s an emerging ant species for which pest management professionals should be on alert?


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