Fourth quarter 2023 reader poll responses


January 4, 2024

Illustration: sumkinn/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Illustration: sumkinn/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Since we last compiled Pest Management Professional (PMP) magazine poll results, we have received some excellent insights from readers in our monthly polls.

We also post the same question to our columnists and PMP Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) members each month in print, to get their responses. The answers that don’t fit on the “Question of the Month” page for the print edition are always included in the online version. For example, what follow are some of our most recent polls, with a link to the contributor/EAB responses and with a few of our favorite reader responses, too.

Here’s just a sampling of the best of the best from the fourth quarter of 2023:

October: Which business or pest management-related app(s) do you recommend?

November: What do you predict will be a pest- or business-related trend in 2024?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • “Continued increase in product.”
  • I think the trend will be more on using Green Products (natural, not synthetic), as many customers are looking toward the future in protecting our environment, families and pets. I do think we as professionals need to educate our customers more on how to prevent pest issues from developing, which in return may cut down on callbacks and unnecessary treatments as part of the Green Pest Service movement.”
  • “Tick control.”
  • “Continued challenges due to rising costs.”
  • “Rodent-borne diseases”

December: What’s a good way to improve employee retention?

  • PMP Contributor/EAB responses
  • By having the correct leadership in place. The right leadership will continually take a pulse on their employees. People don’t quit companies; they quit their management or leadership.”
  • “Treat them like you’d want to be treated.”
  • “There are many ingredients, but the best two revolve around the word recognition. First, as a manager/employer, we need to recognize that a work/life balance is important, if not critical to our employees. We need to support them when family issues come up, if they are struggling. Remember, everyone needs to take care of their family. Don’t just say ‘we believe in family first, we are a family’ – live it. Second, we need to recognize staff on an individual and group level – in little ways and larger ways. I try to take the time to pick up the phone and say, you are doing a good job with this, I appreciate you, I’m glad you are a member of the team. And let everyone in the company know that person X did this and really helped the company or if they had a baby, etc.”
  • “Cash.”
  • “Recognition.”
  • Ensure that employees feel they are valued, no matter their role in the organization. Gone are the days of ‘attaboys;’ instead, the modern employee correlates value with monetary gain. If we as PMPs don’t compensate employees accordingly, someone else will — and possibly in another industry. This will result in the loss of the potential of years of experience and expertise.”


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