3 tips for PMPs against mosquitoes


April 29, 2024

Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE

Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE

Mosquitoes are extreme nuisances that can transmit several devastating diseases. Therefore, residential and commercial mosquito management is an extremely important and valuable service that pest management professionals (PMPs) provide to protect public health. Here are three tips to help PMPs against one of the world’s most deadly insects:

1. Empty water containers. Managing mosquito development sites is key to mosquito control. Conduct a thorough inspection around a property and turn over any pots, toys, empty pools, etc., so standing water doesn’t accumulate and create development areas. Communicate this with customers, too, so they become aware of areas that can hold water and assist with keeping those areas dry between services.

2. Don’t forget larvae. Remember, mosquitoes can develop in as little as a bottle cap filled with water. In areas that may become flooded or hold water, use larvicide options to gain control of the immature stages before they become biting adults.

3. Treat vegetation. When spraying for mosquitoes, you should focus on areas of heavy shrubbery, foliage, etc. Mosquitoes rest on vegetation in shaded areas, so you want to make sure you get complete coverage of leaves on vegetation. Be sure to get the product on the underside of leaves as well, where mosquitoes are most likely to rest.


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