Mosquito control depends on formulation, application


May 3, 2024

Dr. Jason Meyers

Dr. Jason Meyers

For mosquitoes, success is all in the formulation and application. Not all encapsulations (cap) are created equal; neither are active ingredients (AI). Nearly all caps have different sizes, which will affect callback rates. Those size differences and makeup of the cap can influence both insect uptake and residual of the AI. The AI in a product also is affected by the cap and how well it sticks to surfaces such as leaves. The AI itself greatly affects how well it will stick (and stay) to the waxy surface of a leaf.

If your callback rate is less than three weeks, it’s a good idea to try something new. Don’t just chase mosquitoes around. To ensure optimal application, start close to the structure and keep spraying in a concentric fashion. Remember, the act of applying product will temporarily repel them, so don’t trap them by immediately starting around the outer perimeter of the property.


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