Conduct inspections to prepare for mosquito treatments


May 10, 2024

Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher, BCE, PHE

Before initiating any pest control service, conducting an inspection is an important, initial step. When preparing for mosquito treatments, examine the treatment area in advance to identify and eliminate potential obstacles such as children’s toys or outdoor furniture. Additionally, this practice promotes safety by identifying and addressing hazards such as holes, electric fencing, and overgrown vegetation. Remember that just 0.25-inch of water is enough for mosquitoes to breed, so any overlooked objects that can collect water, like leaf piles or tire swings, might serve as breeding grounds.

By stressing the importance of inspecting the treatment area before implementing pest management measures, technicians can improve treatment effectiveness and customer satisfaction. This proactive approach not only helps identify potential issues that could hinder the treatment process, but also showcases a dedication to providing high-quality service customized to the specific conditions of each treatment location.


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