SenesTech: Evolve Mouse


May 14, 2024



SenesTech’s latest fertility control solution is the trademarked Evolve Mouse, which is designated as a minimum-risk product by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The launch of Evolve Mouse follows SenesTech’s introduction of Evolve at the beginning of the year, which is specially formulated for rats. The Evolve product line is currently the industry’s only soft bait product line to control rodent populations by restricting fertility, the company says, noting that it products are highly palatable, easy to deploy, and offer diverse placement in many different environments. Evolve Mouse is available in 1.5- and 3-pound pouches.

“We know that controlling the population by adding fertility control to an integrated pest management program increases effectiveness by up to 90 percent. The Evolve product line provides consumers and professionals with effective and convenient options for the control of rodent pests,” Joel Fruendt, SenesTech’s president and CEO, noted in the news release. “Evolve Mouse isn’t just about control — it’s about reclaiming our spaces from the relentless invasion of mice.”

In addition to the Evolve line, SenesTech offers three additional trademarked fertility control options to manage rodent infestations:

  • The Ultimate Bait System with ContraPest is designed for pest management professionals with its larger size and standard bait box deployment.
  • The Isolate Bait System with ContraPest is an efficient and easy-to-use bait system, featuring an integrated tank-tray unit catering to both professionals and the do-it-yourself market.
  • The Elevate Bait System with ContraPest is designed to be easily deployed above ground with multiple options for mounting in the rafters of barns, granaries, storage and manufacturing facilities — wherever rats are feeding, transiting or hiding. The novel suspended bait station is easily accessible by rats, but out of the way of people, pets, livestock, food stores, etc.

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