4 tips for mosquito inspections


May 15, 2024

Chris Keefer

Dr. Chris Keefer, technical services manager at Syngenta Professional Pest Management

A thorough mosquito inspection is critical for analyzing property prior to treatment and identifying breeding sites. Use these tips when conducting your inspections:

1. Be thorough:

  • Document conducive conditions, including requisites of life (food, water, harborage).
  • Look for cryptic breeding sites.
  • If allowed, take pictures during the inspection.
  • Share inspection results with clients and explain how they can help reduce mosquito breeding sites on their properties.

2. Practice proper identification:

  • Ensure the mosquito in question is a species you can control with your treatment protocol.
  • Typical target species include Aedes aeqypti and A. albopictus, which are urban residential mosquitoes.

3. Develop a protocol:

  • Use the appropriate equipment and familiarize yourself with how to repair it.
  • Understand the product(s) being used for treatment.
  • Use proper application techniques based on the equipment and product(s).

4. Communicate effectively:

  • Be upfront and direct with clients.
  • Explain the biology of the target species, along with treatment processes and expectations.
  • Consider using pictures in addition to written and verbal communication.


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