IPM fundamentals for mosquito control


May 17, 2024

Donnie Powers

Donnie Powers

Residential mosquito control has become a hot topic in the pest management industry. Although residual barrier treatments are the primary focus of these services, basic integrated pest management (IPM) fundamentals for mosquito control are equally important to keep in mind.

1. Inspect and reduce. Finding and eliminating or managing egg-laying and developmental sites (water and cryptic sites), as well as resting areas (landscape) are critical for overall success.

  • Water: Consult with clients and engage them in eliminating all standing water. Bird baths, containers without proper drainage, soggy soil and anywhere else where water can collect must be continually monitored and addressed.
  • Landscape: Inspect the property for places mosquitoes find shelter. Thick foliage, low tree canopy and damp shaded areas are the likely resting areas for mosquitoes and must be treated appropriately.
  • Cryptic sites: Mosquitoes can lay eggs that develop in an area as small as a bottle cap. Check for water and areas of poor drainage under decks and damp crawlspaces, as well as behind and in tarps, areas of clutter, pet toys and paraphernalia, play equipment, outdoor furniture, planters, downspouts and gutters. Consult with clients on potential issues and areas of concern.

2. Treat. We recommend using a high-quality, long-term residual product with overlapping coverage. This will reduce or eliminate the number of days at the end of a treatment cycle where mosquitoes are potentially exposed to sub-lethal dosages. Always keep pollinators in mind and follow all label directions regarding treatment of flowering vegetation.

3. Maintain. Continue to reapply barrier treatment per label directions and continue IPM surveillance. If necessary, discuss additional services with clients such as adding larvicides or rotational adulticides as needed to areas of concern.


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