Know which product to use, where to treat


May 31, 2024

Greg Pettis

Greg Pettis

As a pest control business owner in addition to my role at Nature-Cide, I always think in terms of opportunity and risk. Sometimes, risk is opportunity in disguise — and when it comes to vector issues such as mosquitoes, there is plenty of both.

For instance, we want to take the opportunity to shut down these biting insects without the risk of hurting people, pets or the environment. My method is to find the sensitive areas on a potential account before servicing it. When I find things that I know are going to be a risk, such as koi ponds, waterways, vegetable gardens or other ongoing conducive conditions for breeding sites, I let customers know we are using green and all-natural products in the form of sprays, granules, baits and mosquito traps. The combination of these tools is an effective way to shut down mosquito populations and stay out of trouble.

Knowing where to treat with which product is something that can and should be learned to give your customers the safest pest management plan while gaining control over the situation. This will be unique to each account you service. Having these tools in your toolbox before these opportunities present is a plus.


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Greg Pettis, East Coast Product Representative, Nature-Cide

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