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Flies are gross. I know — groundbreaking information, right? To be fair, not all flies are gross, but many of the flies we deal with in the pest control industry love to hang out in feces, dirty water, trash and even dead animals.

Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE

Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE

Aside from being foul, many flies are super-annoying and quickly can make our customers crazy, then mad if the problem is not addressed. When it comes to flies, proper identification and finding the breeding sources are the keys to control.

▶ Small flies — With fruit flies (Drosophilidae), you obviously want to inspect for rotten fruit and veggies — but don’t forget drip pans and soda stations. With drain flies (Psychodidae) and phorid flies (Phoridae), inspect areas where there is stagnant water with decaying organic material. Check drains, of course, but also inside trash cans and dumpsters, and under equipment and broken tile.

▶ Filth flies — House flies (Muscidae), blow fl

ies (Calliphoridae), and flesh flies (Sarcophagidae) are three common filth fly families you may encounter around structures. They tend to hang around feces, trash and dead animals, and then will come indoors and land on food and other surfaces. Focus on keeping these flies out and finding their food and breeding areas.


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Dr. Brittany Campbell, BCE, is a technical service manager at Control Solutions Inc.

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