Skyhawk TrapMate: Kiwi and Kiwi+


June 4, 2024



Introducing the Skyhawk Trapmate Kiwi and Kiwi + (Kiwi Plus), proven innovations in efficient and effective remote monitoring for pest management professionals (PMPs). Designed to streamline pest management operations, these devices offer both reliability and convenience.

Skyhawk Trapmate Kiwi: Compact yet powerful, the Kiwi is a go-to solution for real-time monitoring of rodent and wildlife traps. It ensures you stay updated on trap activity without the need for constant physical inspections. Equipped with advanced sensing technology, the Kiwi device sends immediate notifications to your app when a trap is triggered. This saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on high-priority areas and optimize your pest control strategy.

Skyhawk Trapmate Kiwi +: Elevate your pest management with the Kiwi +, offering all the features of the Kiwi device with enhanced capabilities. The Kiwi + includes extended battery life and a robust design that withstands harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, it offers customizable alert settings, ensuring you receive notifications tailored to your specific needs. Whether you manage a small operation or a large-scale pest control service, the Kiwi + provides the versatility and durability required for consistent performance.

Both the Kiwi and Kiwi + integrate seamlessly with the Skyhawk Trapmate app and have a one-year full replacement warranty. With real-time data and analytics at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and achieve better results, the company points out.

About Skyhawk Trapmate

Based in Derry, N.H., Skyhawk Trapmate is the Internet of Things (IoT) business unit of PICA Product Development (PPD), part of the PICA Group, a leading electronics manufacturer that for more than 30 years has helped technology leaders to bring a variety of innovative products to market.

Skyhawk’s PRIoT platform combines long-range radio frequency connections to sensors, a cellular backhaul to the cloud, and a full suite of backend and applications software for sensor and gateway management.

Portable, easy to deploy and able to operate for years on off-the-shelf batteries, Skyhawk PRIoT enables a variety of data collection solutions.

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