‘Seek out the source’ of outdoor fly infestations


June 5, 2024


When facing outdoor fly infestations, the SOS Principle — “Seek Out the Source” — becomes crucial. While trash management and other sanitation practices can temporarily tackle the issue, unless you get to the source, control may be difficult, if not impossible.

Sylvia Kenmuir, BCE

Sylvia Kenmuir, BCE

House flies in particular present a significant challenge to public health pest management, as they can travel an average of one to two miles, potentially crossing property boundaries.

To effectively address these challenges, use technological aids such as digital area maps. These tools empower pest management professionals (PMPs) to identify breeding sources that may be distant from their own location or from the customer’s location. By employing SOS and pinpointing these remote locations, proactive measures can be implemented to reduce the influx of flies into the affected area.

Education is key in this process. Informing customers about the intricacies of their individual situations fosters understanding and cooperation. Additionally, using targeted tools, such as strategically positioned bait placements along fly flight paths, can intercept house flies before they become a problem for your customer.


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Sylvia Kenmuir, BCE, Western Technical Representative, BASF

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  1. Greg Pettis says:

    I really like the “SOS” approach. It’s easy to remember and keeps it top of mind for every situation we are in.