5 focal points for cattle farm inspection & treatment


June 12, 2024


Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher, BCE, PHE

Fly control usually occurs in commercial accounts like restaurants, but many PMPs are facing new challenges in specialty markets, such as animal production and hobby farms. On cattle farms, there’s a heightened risk of fly presence thanks to the large size of cows and their waste, providing ideal conditions for flies to flourish. For a technician, managing such environments can be challenging without prior experience. Here are five focal points for cattle farm inspection and treatment:

1. Livestock housing — Treat areas such as barns, shelters, feeding areas, as flies tend to congregate around these locations.

2. Manure management — Reduce fly breeding sites in and around manure storage areas.

3. Water sources — Treat areas around water sources, as flies are attracted to moisture and can breed in standing water.

4. Pastures and grazing areas — Consider treating pastures and grazing areas to control fly populations outdoors.

5. Feed storage areas — Treat areas where feed is stored, as flies are attracted to decaying organic matter.


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