Fly prevention starts outside the home


June 14, 2024


Headshot: Dennis Neal, Technical Representative, Ensystex

Dennis Neal

Growing up on a dairy farm, I’ve battled the relentless nuisance of flies. Prevention starts outside the home, especially with pet waste — eliminating this breeding ground is crucial.

Another common residential source is bird feeders. Birds and bats are natural predators of flies, and many homeowners place bird houses and feeders around their homes without realizing their role in pest management. By educating homeowners to regularly change birdseed, we can deter flies effectively.

Simple actions like these can make a significant difference in fly reduction, improving the quality of life for your customers. As someone intimately familiar with the battle against flies, you should urge your residential accounts to take proactive steps in controlling these pests and become partners in prevention.


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Dennis Neal, Technical Representative, Ensystex

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