Using essential oil formulations to cover fly pheromones


June 26, 2024


Greg Pettis

Greg Pettis

As a PMP, I have been in situations where I did all the right things to control flies. I found the food source. I identified harborage sites. But I still had difficulty shutting down reoccurrences thanks to fly pheromones — even after food sources were cleaned up.

What fixed this problem was simply applying appropriately labeled, professional essential oil formulations to not only reduce the “attraction action” by covering up the pheromones, but also using the repelling nature of the product itself. Whether a dumpster, the outside back door area of a commercial kitchen (for fruit flies, blow flies and house flies), or areas around eaves and chimney peaks (for cluster flies), I could reduce the time it took to shut down fly issues using IPM protocols and green products registered in the 25(b) category, considered minimum risk through the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).


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Greg Pettis, East Coast Product Representative, Nature-Cide

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