Aprehend: Free Bed Bug Lead Generator


July 15, 2024



The popular Aprehend Professional Locator map lets home and property owners interested in Aprehend service for their bed bug infestations — and for preventing infestations — find pest management professionals (PMPs) near them. Check it out at Aprehend.com/map, then contact the Aprehend Team to get your company listed – free for all Aprehend professionals!

How does Aprehend work? Beauveria is a natural, fungal disease of insects; it infects an insect by direct contact, and does not need to be eaten to initiate an infection. Aprehend contains the conidia of Beauveria; these microscopic “seeds” readily attach to the insect cuticle, or “skin.” Once attached, the conidia germinate and penetrate directly through the cuticle and gain access to the insect’s blood system. Once there, the fungus grows inside the insect, using the blood as a food source. Very soon, the insect becomes sick and dies from the fungal infection. In bed bugs, the process takes between three and seven days.

The long-lasting residual action of Aprehend remains active for up to three months, and ensures that any bed bugs introduced will pick up the spores and die before establishing an infestation. A quarterly proactive contract provides property managers with peace of mind, and costs less in the long run than attempting reactive treatments once bed bugs have become firmly established in a property.

About Aprehend

Aprehend is manufactured by ConidioTec, a privately held company based in Centre Hall, Pa. Its initial product, Aprehend, was launched in 2017 based on technology licensed from Pennsylvania State University. Aprehend is now sold throughout the U.S. and Canada and is increasingly relied upon for challenging infestations in residences, multi-unit housing, rental properties, long-term care facilities and commercial properties.


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