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Dr. Fredericks’ Predictions for the Future of Pest Management By  - Posted on 10 Sep 2013 in 80th Anniversary Issue.

Twenty-five years ago, who would’ve imagined the high-tech, borderline science-fiction world we live in today? Who would’ve predicted global positioning system (GPS) satellite-based technology would render street maps obsolete? Who... Read more»

Joining forces to ensure protection from termites By  - Posted on 02 Apr 2019 in featured & News & Technical & Termites.

Spray foam insulation is a popular option for homeowners who want to reduce heat loss and lower utility bills, but it can mask termite activity. Read more»

ASPCRO annual meeting sees record attendance By  - Posted on 20 Dec 2018 in featured.

The main focus of the Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials (ASPCRO) is to promote a better understanding and efficiency in the administration of pesticide-related laws and regulations. Members... Read more»

Be productive during downtime By  - Posted on 18 Dec 2018 in Business & featured.

When the slow season arrives, it can be hard to feel productive. We asked the professionals who contribute to Pest Management Professional: How can PMPs best take advantage of downtime... Read more»

Explain GPC to clients By  - Posted on 06 Dec 2018 in Callback Cures & Technical.

Pest management professionals (PMPs) sometimes refer to general pest control (GPC) as a way to lump all of the “other pests” that are not wood-destroying insects (WDI) or bed bugs... Read more»

PPMA research fine-tunes rodent trapping By  - Posted on 13 Nov 2018 in News.

In new research funded by the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA’s) Pest Management Foundation and with support from the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), scientists studied individual rats to better... Read more»

American Pest acquires Triple S By  - Posted on 30 Oct 2018 in News.

The Potomac Co. announces the sale of its client, Triple S Services, to American Pest, an Anticimex portfolio company. Based in Manassas, Va., with offices in Beltsville, Md.; Fredericksburg, Va.;... Read more»

Cockroach control advice from the pros By  - Posted on 19 Oct 2018 in Cockroaches & featured & Pest Talk.

What is one step that will put PMPs on the path to cockroach control? Read more»

Virginia Tech receives endowed professorship By  - Posted on 15 Oct 2018 in News.

Joe Wilson, former owner of PermaTreat Pest Control, Fredericksburg, Va., and his wife have established the Joseph R. and Mary W. Wilson Endowed Urban Entomology Professorship in the College of... Read more»

See it all at PestWorld 2018 By  - Posted on 27 Sep 2018 in featured.

Dominique Stumpf from NPMA shares why PestWorld is the best opportunity you’ll have all year to plug into what’s happening in the industry. Read more»