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Studies find transfluthrin aids in mosquito disease reduction By  - Posted on 04 Nov 2020 in Crawling the Web.

Transfluthrin, an active ingredient already registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is showing promise against mosquito-borne diseases. Read more»

EPA’s plan to use genetically modified mosquitoes faces opposition By  - Posted on 19 Oct 2020 in From the Magazine & Mosquitoes.

The EPA approved an experimental plan to reduce mosquito populations in Florida and Texas using genetically engineered yellow fever mosquitoes. Read more»

Mosquito bacterial control program reports continued success By  - Posted on 28 Apr 2020 in Mosquitoes & News.

Researchers are putting even more effort in a project to keep hospitals free from mosquito-borne disease cases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more»

Pest control operations during the pandemic By  - Posted on 10 Apr 2020 in COVID-19 & Pest Talk.

Dr. Faith Oi urges pest management professionals to analyze the benefits and risks of being declared an essential service during COVID-19. Read more»

Build relationships, boost mosquito revenue By  - Posted on 01 Apr 2020 in Business & Mosquitoes & Stinging Insects.

Mosquito management services add value for customers and improve PMPs’ bottom lines while protecting public health along the way. Read more»

Control Solutions Inc.: Tekko 0.2G By  - Posted on 01 Apr 2020 in Product of the Day.

Powered by novaluron, Tekko 0.2G is a mosquito larvicide insect growth regulator that prevents adult mosquito emergence in treated areas. The controlled-release granular formulation is designed to stop mosquito larvae... Read more»

Study: Botanical formulation shows promise for mosquito control By  - Posted on 29 Mar 2020 in Technical.

It’s time to take a closer look at the use of botanical-based treatments for mosquito control, says research from the Journal of the Florida Mosquito Control Association. Read more»

UCR researchers find way to put insects into arrested development By  - Posted on 30 Jan 2020 in featured & Pest Talk.

New research from University of California Riverside shows scientists may soon be able to prevent disease-spreading mosquitoes from maturing. Read more»

Seeking mosquito control insights By  - Posted on 08 Jan 2020 in featured & Mosquitoes & Pest Talk.

Pest Management Professional is kicking off the new year with a mosquito management survey. If you offer mosquito control, please tell us about the service. Read more»

Mosquito research really runs the gamut By  - Posted on 13 Nov 2019 in Crawling the Web.

As Old Man Winter makes his presence known throughout much of the country this week, we thought there was no better way to recall the halcyon days of summer than... Read more»