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BARWACZ is the senior digital media manager of Pest Management Professional’s parent company, North Coast Media. She can be reached at

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Leverage social media as an essential hiring tool Posted on 12 Feb 2021 in the Pest Talk categories.

Social media is an essential tool for recruiting. Find tips for how to leverage your social media platforms to gain new employees. Read more»

Use social media to recruit new hires Posted on 05 Feb 2021 in the Pest Talk categories.

Find out why pest management professionals should be using social media to recruit new employees and assist in the hiring process. Read more»

How to master visual storytelling Posted on 21 Aug 2020 in the Pest Talk categories.

Allison Barwacz explains the importance of using imagery on digital platforms and offers a guide to incorporating visual content effectively. Read more»

How to keep your business safe from cyberattacks Posted on 14 Aug 2020 in the Business & Pest Talk categories.

Cyberattacks often happen unexpectedly and can throw a company out of its digital comfort zone. Check out some tips for ensuring web safety. Read more»

Make your digital ad campaign a success Posted on 26 Jun 2020 in the Pest Talk categories.

We’ve seen a rise in digital ad campaigns during the past few years because they're flexible, measurable and customizable. Read more»

Digital trends to look out for Posted on 19 Jun 2020 in the Pest Talk categories.

The new year won’t be an exception to the quickly evolving tech environment in which we live. Here are some digital trends you can expect to see in 2020. Read more»