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PMPs forecast revenue growth opportunities for 2017-21 Posted on 24 Jul 2017 in the Business & featured video categories.

Pest management professionals (PMPs) look to the future by envisioning their business’ greatest opportunities for revenue growth over the next five years. The PMPs were interviewed at Pest Management Professional’s... Read more»

English village hosts 50 years of snail racing Posted on 20 Jul 2017 in the Crawling the Web categories.

READY! SET! Snail? A small village near King’s Lynn, England, hosted the World Snail Racing Championships July 15, where “Larry the Snail” took home the gold. The village of Congham... Read more»

Australian Huntsman found in Michigan toddler’s room Posted on 13 Jul 2017 in the Crawling the Web & Spiders categories.

A Michigan mother had a scary start to the summer when she found one of the worlds largest spiders resting in her son’s room in June. Jillian Duke walked into... Read more»

Man removes bee hive with firework, burns down garage Posted on 06 Jul 2017 in the Bees & Crawling the Web categories.

Everyone loves a good fireworks show on the Fourth of July, but for Grand Blanc Township, Mich., homeowner Mike Tingley, the show hit a little too close to home. Tingley tried... Read more»

Termite inspectors are a house’s ‘doctor’ Posted on 05 Jul 2017 in the Termites & Tips and Tricks categories.

A good way to train new inspectors is to have them understand that they are the house’s “doctor.” Doctors use all the tools available to find the exact location of... Read more»

Ticks: Powassan virus can kill in 15 minutes Posted on 29 Jun 2017 in the Crawling the Web & Fleas & Ticks categories.

Doctors and hikers alike are on high alert with the expansion of the Powassan virus, a potentially fatal infection spread by ticks in the Great Lakes region. This virus can... Read more»

Prototype developed to protect valuable cars from rodents Posted on 22 Jun 2017 in the Crawling the Web & Rats & Rodents categories.

Dr. Toby Bateson, inventor of the worlds smallest vacuum cleaner and ZenPlugs Molded Ear Plug Kit, is hitting the market with another idea — this time for the pest control market.... Read more»

Millennials are treating insects as food Posted on 15 Jun 2017 in the Crawling the Web categories.

Companies from all trades are adjusting to incoming millennial workers — they require quick answers and fast rewards to stay interested. The pest management industry is no exception. While CEOs and... Read more»

Boy’s educational insect video goes viral Posted on 09 Jun 2017 in the Crawling the Web & Invasive/Occasional Species categories.

My brother is an animal genius and wanted me to share it w you guys. He titles this: Trees danger and other animals — Britney C. (@Alkebulan_) June 5,... Read more»

Raccoons: Pets or pests? Posted on 30 May 2017 in the Crawling the Web categories.

Russians are pioneering a movement to shift the stigma of raccoons as mischievous pests to domesticated pets. Supporters hosted a festival in St. Petersburg to educate the public on caring... Read more»