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Baldwin is director of technical, training and regulatory services for Terminix Commercial. He may be reached at

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Restaurant cockroaches aren’t always German Posted on 26 Feb 2021 in the Ask the Expert & Cockroaches & Current Issue & From the Magazine & Technical categories.

When servicing restaurants, Dan Baldwin, BCE, shares the other types of pests a pest management professional might encounter. Read more»

Be proactive with education Posted on 26 Feb 2021 in the Pest Talk categories.

Dan Baldwin, BCE, shares his stance on why educating customers is so important to successful treatment for any type of pest. Read more»

Forget physician, heal thyself: PMPs, rodent-proof your vehicles Posted on 29 Dec 2020 in the Ask the Expert & From the Magazine & Mice & Rodents & Technical categories.

Dan Baldwin, BCE, shares his humbling experience of getting a mouse in his truck and why he suggests PMPs should pest-proof their own vehicles. Read more»

The Hunger Games: Rodents scavenge for food Posted on 07 Oct 2020 in the COVID-19 & From the Magazine & Rodents categories.

As the pandemic reduces restaurant waste, rodents scavenge for food and PMPs work to understand, predict and adapt to reported changes in rodent behavior. Read more»

Invest in training: Realize the whys behind what we do Posted on 24 Aug 2020 in the Technical categories.

Industry training and education are an investment, not an expense, and Dan Baldwin, BCE, offers insight and advice for a recently promoted tech. Read more»

5 keys to reopening commercial accounts, sans rodents Posted on 03 Jun 2020 in the Ask the Expert & Rodents & Technical categories.

Now more than ever, commercial clients need the expertise of a pest management professional to help them protect their businesses. Read more»

Ask the Expert: Help customers help you in tough ant accounts Posted on 10 Apr 2020 in the Ants & Technical categories.

Dan Baldwin shares the best way to proceed when a commercial client team tells you they have a difficult ant problem and infestation. Read more»

Focus on SPP solutions, not finger-pointing Posted on 04 Feb 2020 in the Ask the Expert & featured & Stored Product Pests & Technical categories.

A commercial client is not only struggling with stored product pest issues, its team is demanding to know why it’s happening and whose fault it is. Read more»