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Taxonomy changes in arthropods that may affect PMPs Posted on 10 Feb 2017 in the featured & Technical categories.

There have been many changes to the taxonomy of arthropods in the past few years, but here are just a few that could affect pest management professionals (PMPs): Powderpost beetle... Read more»

Pest arthropod taxonomy continuously changes Posted on 31 Jan 2017 in the Technical categories.

Once upon a time, when you bought a book containing scientific facts, those facts stayed the same. No matter how long between uses, when you pulled that book off the... Read more»

Wasps, up close and personal Posted on 16 Aug 2016 in the Pest Talk & Stinging Insects & Wasps & Web Exclusives categories.

Since I moved to Florida from Ohio last year, I have been observing a variety of interesting stinging insects right outside my front door. I put a nesting board for solitary bees... Read more»

Bed Bug Control in a Vacuum Posted on 10 Sep 2013 in the Bed Bugs & Technical categories.

Those of us who deal with bed bug infestations know these insects use — as temporary or long-term harborages — the typically undisturbed seams, folds, crevices, recesses and cavities associated... Read more»

Mystery fabric pests Posted on 01 Mar 2013 in the Stored Product Pests categories.

Have you ever had a customer phone in a treatment request for clothes moths based upon small holes in clothing or draperies, and when you inspected the items in question,... Read more»

Pest Colloquial Names and Mistaken Identities Posted on 12 Apr 2012 in the American Cockroaches & Ants & Bees & Beetles & Brown-banded Cockroaches & Cockroaches & Flies & German Cockroaches & Oriental Cockroaches & Smokey Brown Cockroaches & Stinging Insects & Technical & Termites categories.

It is interesting how many customers have their own names for pests based on what their parents and friends called them. These colloquial pest names get passed down generation after... Read more»