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Dr. Hanif Gulmahamad, BCE, PCA is an urban and structural entomologist and consultant based in Ontario, Calif. He can be reached at

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How wildlife in a power line corridor affects a neighborhood Posted on 07 Dec 2020 in the Pest Talk categories.

Housing projects are displacing resident wildlife populations and pushing them into compressed, marginal habitats where they seek sanctuary. Read more»

PART III: The symbiosis between roof rats and a western mockingbird Posted on 26 Oct 2020 in the Pest Talk categories.

The rats did the heavy lifting at night by gnawing through the tough, leathery citrus fruit rinds and exposing the sweet endocarp to the bird. Read more»

Part II: Snap trapping trees for roof rats Posted on 26 Oct 2020 in the Pest Talk categories.

When roof rats travel in trees, they leave no evidence to guide trap placement. Securing snap traps to tree limbs is a laborious and tedious exercise. Read more»

Part I: When citrus-loving roof rats are your nemesis Posted on 26 Oct 2020 in the Pest Talk categories.

The roof rat prefers to feed on fruits, berries, nuts and snails, it is an opportunistic omnivore that would eat whatever is available. Read more»

California drought leads to ‘crispy critters’ Posted on 07 Mar 2020 in the Technical & Uncategorized categories.

Our industry needs to be aware of the negative effects of droughts on pest populations. Are you ready to adapt to this changing environment? Read more»

What are dark-winged fungus gnats? Posted on 23 Nov 2017 in the Technical categories.

Diptera: Sciaridae are also known as root gnats. Read more»

Zombie flies: Invasion of the carrion eaters Posted on 30 Oct 2017 in the featured & Flies categories.

Why didn’t these green bottle flies realize they were invading the home of a pest management professional? Read more»

California PMPs: Know your licensed limits Posted on 12 Sep 2017 in the featured categories.

In California, the Laws and Regulations Relating to the Practice of Structural Pest Control defines a structural pest as being one that is in, on or invading a structure. Roof... Read more»

How rodents resemble squirrel monkeys Posted on 05 Sep 2017 in the featured & Mice & Rats & Rodents categories.

Rats and mice belong to the order Rodentia and family Muridae. The word rodent is derived from the French word rodere, which means “to gnaw.” Rats possess two pairs of... Read more»

Trapping roof rats with a sweet tooth Posted on 01 Sep 2017 in the Rats & Rodents categories.

Follow the clues the rats leave behind as they feast on orange trees. At one time, three color variants of roof rats were recognized. They were known by the following... Read more»