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Conduct surveys to determine a bird control strategy Posted on 10 Mar 2019 in the Birds & Tips and Tricks categories.

Exotic bird pest species are associated with ectoparasites and numerous diseases. To establish a management protocol, it’s a good idea to conduct extensive surveys of population levels and location of... Read more»

What to focus on when dealing with flying insects Posted on 04 Mar 2019 in the Tips and Tricks categories.

A flying insect can be a grasshopper, a fly, a moth or a wasp. Some species are strong flyers and travel long distances. Focus on two areas when dealing with... Read more»

Control tactics for spiders Posted on 08 Jan 2019 in the Spiders & Tips and Tricks categories.

All spiders are predators — and the majority enter structures unintentionally. The probability of being bitten by one is very rare; in fact, most claims of bites probably were not... Read more»

Determine when to use control for stinging insects Posted on 04 Dec 2018 in the Bees & Stinging Insects & Tips and Tricks categories.

Stinging insects include all species in the order Hymenoptera; however, the major concerns are from bees, hornets and wasps. Species range from a solitary lifestyle to full social behavior. Most... Read more»

Eliminate previously infested food to prevent spreading SPP Posted on 13 Sep 2018 in the Tips and Tricks categories.

Take steps to remove previously infested food to help prevent spreading or continuing an infestation of stored product pests. Read more»

Exclusion then sanitation are the best steps for rodent control Posted on 26 Aug 2018 in the Tips and Tricks categories.

Seal, exclude, prevent! Read more»

Handle occasional invaders with different levels of control Posted on 14 Aug 2018 in the Invasive/Occasional Species & Tips and Tricks categories.

There are different levels of occasional invader issues that require different treatments. Read more»

Properly preserve and protect wood to prevent termites Posted on 06 Aug 2018 in the Termites & Tips and Tricks categories.

Dr. Reid Ipser with Nisus Corp. explains the importance of properly preserving wood to prevent termite intrusion and associated decay. Read more»

Sanitation best method for reducing mosquitoes Posted on 09 May 2018 in the Mosquitoes & Tips and Tricks categories.

Having one’s yard sprayed will help reduce both larval and adult population levels. Read more»

Termites quickly sense environmental disturbance Posted on 19 Jul 2017 in the Termites & Tips and Tricks categories.

Termites are able to detect the smallest amount of disturbance in their environment. In fact, it is not uncommon to place a log on the ground in a wooded area... Read more»