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Optimal conditions for termite behavior Posted on 28 Sep 2019 in the Termites & Tips and Tricks categories.

For subterranean termites, the probability can be explained in a linear fashion: Y = x1 + x2 + x3 where Y= feeding and damage, x1 = wood decay, x2 =... Read more»

Expert tips for fleas, flies, ticks Posted on 19 Jul 2019 in the Fleas & Ticks & Tips and Tricks categories.

Ticks hitchhike on wildlife and can reside on bushes. Fleas like to be where pets lay the most. In kitchens, flies are indicative of a serious sanitation issue. Read more»

Timing is key for mosquito control, contracts Posted on 28 May 2019 in the Mosquitoes & Stinging Insects & Tips and Tricks categories.

Timing is everything in mosquito control including when the service is performed and when contracts dictate property visits. Read more»

Treat stinging insects based on group size Posted on 29 Apr 2019 in the Stinging Insects & Tips and Tricks categories.

Hymenopteran pests can range from a solitary bee to a group of ants. Some are pollinators as well. Regard each “group” as a separate entity, and consider the following: Flushing... Read more»

Implement sanitation for cockroach-infested commercial kitchens Posted on 19 Apr 2019 in the Cockroaches & Tips and Tricks categories.

Cockroaches are an indicator that something is amiss in a commercial kitchen. And if a kitchen has cockroaches, it’s very possible other pests are entrenched — and a sanitation maintenance... Read more»

3 overlooked tips in bed bug service Posted on 10 Apr 2019 in the Bed Bugs & Tips and Tricks categories.

Here are three tips that too often are overlooked in bed bug service offerings: Be honest about rates and services — do not underprice your service. Issue a proper service... Read more»

Prevent ant intrusion Posted on 29 Mar 2019 in the Ants & Tips and Tricks categories.

Ants — the social pests that forage, grow and harbor in every land environment — are still the industry’s No. 1 pest. As the winter months continue, many species will... Read more»

Conduct surveys to determine a bird control strategy Posted on 10 Mar 2019 in the Birds & Tips and Tricks categories.

Exotic bird pest species are associated with ectoparasites and numerous diseases. To establish a management protocol, it’s a good idea to conduct extensive surveys of population levels and location of... Read more»

What to focus on when dealing with flying insects Posted on 04 Mar 2019 in the Tips and Tricks categories.

A flying insect can be a grasshopper, a fly, a moth or a wasp. Some species are strong flyers and travel long distances. Focus on two areas when dealing with... Read more»

Control tactics for spiders Posted on 08 Jan 2019 in the Spiders & Tips and Tricks categories.

All spiders are predators — and the majority enter structures unintentionally. The probability of being bitten by one is very rare; in fact, most claims of bites probably were not... Read more»