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Eric Scherzinger is sales and marketing manager for Scherzinger Termite & Pest Control in Cincinnati. The fourth-generation pest management professional can be reached at

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Debate: The best way to motivate employees Posted on 11 Dec 2018 in the Business & featured categories.

Battling brothers Kurt and Eric Scherzinger tackle the age-old debate on the best way to motivate employees: with a carrot (reward for doing the right thing or reaching a goal) or a stick (punishment for getting out of line or not meeting expectations). Read more»

Making the case for traditional bed bug treatment Posted on 10 Sep 2018 in the Bed Bugs & Business & featured categories.

Eric Scherzinger advocates for using traditional treatment for bed bug management. Read more»

Web Exclusive: Sentricon Deader Than Dead, behind the scenes Posted on 21 May 2018 in the featured & Pest Talk categories.

Editor’s Note: Read some highlights of what happened on the first day when Cincinnati, Ohio-based Scherzinger Pest Control hosted the Sentricon Deader Than Dead Tour. Here, Eric Scherzinger, VP of... Read more»

Pest control technicians: Online vs. classroom training Posted on 07 Mar 2018 in the Business & featured categories.

"Online training will let remote employees get the same message all the time. " Read more»

The importance of pest management equipment maintenance Posted on 04 Dec 2017 in the Business & featured categories.

"Do you realize how much time it takes when equipment gets broken, and then all of a sudden a tech can’t get the job done?" Read more»

Debating digital photography for pest identification Posted on 28 Aug 2017 in the featured & Technical categories.

ERIC: We need to start having our employees take more pictures during services. I think it can be a big selling advantage. KURT: That sounds great, but there are a... Read more»

PMPs discuss pros, cons of offering mosquito service Posted on 29 May 2017 in the featured & Mosquitoes & Stinging Insects categories.

ERIC: Kurt, I think we really need to ramp up our mosquito service and provide this quality service to all of our customers, as well as any new customers. KURT:... Read more»

Scherzingers stress importance of NPMA Legislative Day Posted on 20 Feb 2017 in the Business & featured categories.

Authors’ Note: This edition of Face Off between Kurt and Eric Scherzinger is from a conversation they had in December 2011. ERIC: Kurt, I saw an e-mail come through about... Read more»

Has your business gone paperless? Posted on 22 Nov 2016 in the Business & featured categories.

ERIC: Kurt, I understand the importance of being paperless and keeping up with the times. However, there are still a lot of benefits to having paper agreements and service reports.... Read more»

How to recruit employees in a connected world Posted on 02 Sep 2016 in the Business & featured categories.

Authors’ Note: The world of recruiting employees continues to drastically change and evolve. It used to be that you just placed an ad in the newspaper, and then you would... Read more»