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SCHAPPERT is owner of The Bug Doctor, Ocala, Fla., and administrator for Facebook industry discussion group Pest Cemetery. He may be reached at

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Focus on labor retention, not cost Posted on 20 Oct 2020 in the Business & Current Issue & featured & From the Magazine categories.

A few years back, I found myself at an account that was a very large and impressive mansion. Still, it was a routine service, nothing special. My mind started drifting... Read more»

It’s time to put a stop to employee turnover Posted on 15 Sep 2020 in the Business & From the Magazine categories.

Are we so content that we live through all the issues other industries struggle with, that we just accept turnover as a natural occurrence? Read more»

Plan pest management services with weather in mind Posted on 25 Aug 2020 in the Business categories.

With just a few minutes’ investment in the day to check the weather predictions, a lot of weather-related downtime in the field could be avoided. Read more»

The lifespan of an account Posted on 01 Jul 2020 in the Business categories.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned came when I was a pest control technician. I was asked to meet the owner of my company at the office of... Read more»

Customers at home engaged in pest control Posted on 22 Jun 2020 in the Business & COVID-19 categories.

Customers who have been spending more time at home seem to be more engaged and curious about pest control, asking questions and sharing observations. Read more»

Take steps to keep income steady Posted on 27 May 2020 in the Business & COVID-19 categories.

During COVID-19, pest control company owners can steer their ship — their small business — to calmer waters to mitigate losses from the pandemic. Read more»

Face the fear of healthcare coverage decision-making Posted on 16 Apr 2020 in the Business categories.

Rodents have two natural fears: being on fire and birds of prey. Not much of anything will send them packing like either one of these. Given that, we can’t burn... Read more»

Never stop training… together Posted on 19 Mar 2020 in the Business categories.

Jerry Schappert, owner of The Bug Doctor, Ocala, Fla., shares why training is a balancing act among classroom, practical application and real life. Read more»

The 411 on DIYers, KWIM?* Posted on 19 Feb 2020 in the Business & featured categories.

Jerrry Schappert, owner of The Bug Doctor, Ocala, Fla., evaluates whether or not it is a waste of time to convert consumers from doing DIY pest control. Read more»