Juliea Huffaker is a copywriter for Responsible Pest Control, Mesa, Ariz. She previously worked in collections and as a secretary, customer service representative, technician, and licensed field representative for the company. She works from home and is the mother of five beautiful children.
She grew up in Yucca Valley, Calif. Her father was the son of an Italian “health nut” who had the principles of healthy living ingrained in his soul. This has been a blessing to her and Responsible Pest Control for almost 40 years. “I remember tarantulas on our window screens at night, and my Dad’s response was always the same: ‘That means we have a healthy environment,'” she said. “Dad never used product treatments till it was totally necessary, always doing preventive measures using common sense solutions before product applications.”
Huffaker said over the years, she made the decisions to buy out her parents and is now financing their retirement and growing Responsible Pest Control in the Greater Phoenix Arizona Valley. “Growing a pest control company from scratch in the Phoenix Valley proved to be quite a challenge, but we’ve been blessed along the way, and now service over 4,000 valley residents,” she said.