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Lance Tullius is a partner at Tullius Partners, an investment banking firm that specializes in providing merger and acquisition and financial/strategic advisory services to companies operating in select industries, including pest management. He can be reached at or 858-832-8043.

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What makes a pest management company valuable? Posted on 10 Oct 2017 in the Business & featured categories.

There are characteristics and traits that drive a company’s value. And while most may seem obvious, many business owners don’t understand or appreciate the context within which the market — or a particular buyer, for that matter — views and prioritizes these factors. Read more»

Web Exclusive: EBITDA and company value Posted on 06 Sep 2017 in the Pest Talk categories.

Every pest management company has characteristics and traits that drive its value. Five factors may lead to a bigger payoff when it’s time to sell: Having a business someone wants... Read more»

How to navigate the sale of your pest control business Posted on 04 Oct 2016 in the Business & featured categories.

Properly preparing for and maneuvering through this once-in-a-lifetime process will have a huge impact on its outcome. Read more»