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Do your best with ‘second-best’ bed bug control Posted on 02 Jan 2020 in the Bed Bugs & Technical categories.

Clients don’t always choose the best program, but you can still give your best effort. If you can’t catch infestations while they are still small, it is even more important... Read more»

Ask the Expert: The link between Dermestids and rodents Posted on 04 Dec 2019 in the Ask the Expert & featured & Sheperspective & Technical categories.

Q: Little insects keep showing up in the kitchen cabinets of a home I service. The home is spotless, and the owners just moved in, so there isn’t much food... Read more»

Why resistant cockroach accounts aren’t futile Posted on 06 Nov 2019 in the Cockroaches & featured categories.

Manage resistance by always using more than one class of insecticide. Rotate among classes of insecticides that are subject to resistance. One of the major reasons why German cockroaches (Blattella... Read more»

Bed bugs: Proactive programs prevent poor performance Posted on 30 Oct 2019 in the Bed Bugs & featured & Technical categories.

Reactive bed bug programs in multi-family accounts cost more. Never underestimate your influence on client expectations. Do your clients think bed bugs can be eliminated? Do they think they can... Read more»

Locating cockroaches: The next best thing to X-ray vision Posted on 22 Aug 2019 in the Cockroaches & featured & German Cockroaches & Technical categories.

Cockroach hangouts would be easier to find if we had the ability to see through walls. Mark Sheperdigian shares some tips for locating cockroaches. Read more»

3 skills for better bed bug treatments Posted on 21 Jul 2019 in the Bed Bugs & featured & Technical categories.

A skilled technician gets better results in less time. Time spent practicing skills involving furniture and carpet manipulation can improve performance. Preparing a new bed bug technician requires both education... Read more»

Ask the Expert: Outdoor rat-proofing tips Posted on 19 Jun 2019 in the Ask the Expert & featured & Rats & Rodents & Technical categories.

A pest management professional is servicing a house with a Norway rat problem, and compost bins that provide a constant food source. Read more»

Come and get it, cockroaches Posted on 03 Jun 2019 in the Cockroaches & featured categories.

Here are two main (and very common) reasons why a bait-only strategy doesn’t eliminate cockroaches quickly at your accounts. Read more»

Identify the source to prevent bed bug re-introductions Posted on 03 May 2019 in the Bed Bugs & featured & Sheperspective categories.

Helping tenants prevent a reintroduction is as valuable as getting rid of the bed bugs in the first place. Tenants often cannot imagine how they became infested. We know how... Read more»

Ask the Expert: Determining lures for different moth species Posted on 29 Mar 2019 in the Ask the Expert & featured & Moths & Technical categories.

QUESTION: We have a large home that has webbing clothes moth traps. Recently, we found some of the traps with clothes moth, Indianmeal moths and a moth we don’t recognize.... Read more»