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Mike Goldstein is sales manager for Woodstream.

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How to bait wildlife traps correctly Posted on 14 Jan 2020 in the Tips and Tricks & Wildlife categories.

For optimum results when using wildlife cage traps, you must bait your traps properly. Read more»

Setting traps with an expanded trigger Posted on 02 Sep 2018 in the Tips and Tricks categories.

When speaking with PMPs, it surprises me how many are unaware of what the “F&S” stamped on the yellow expanded trigger of many snap trap brands stands for. It does... Read more»

Cockroaches: Tips for PMPs using monitors Posted on 25 Apr 2018 in the Cockroaches & Tips and Tricks categories.

Cockroach traps and monitors are a key part of any effective cockroach control program, but they must be used and placed properly. Read more»

Place mouse glue board on top of MCT Posted on 22 Feb 2017 in the Rodents & Tips and Tricks categories.

Multiple-catch mouse traps (MCTs) are capable of catching up to 30 mice, depending on which trap you are using, because they take advantage of a mouse’s opportunistic habits. Many mice... Read more»

Capitalize on ants’ ability to share liquid baits Posted on 21 Dec 2016 in the Ants & Tips and Tricks categories.

Ants can easily digest and quickly share liquid baits, eliminating the need for them to process the bait before sharing it with the rest of the colony. If you use... Read more»

Wildlife pests: 2 tips for using cage traps Posted on 12 Oct 2016 in the Tips and Tricks categories.

Here are two tips to help you be more successful when using cage traps to catch wildlife pests: Always select the proper recommended size trap for the target animal you’re... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: Place MCT for Mice on Exterior of Facility Posted on 07 Jan 2016 in the Mice & Tips and Tricks categories.

Multiple-catch traps (MCTs) are capable of catching up to 30 mice. Most MCTs use a self-monitoring teeter-totter mechanism that requires no wind-up, so they’re always working and ready to catch... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: Bait Properly to Catch More Wildlife Posted on 21 May 2015 in the Tips and Tricks & Wildlife categories.

Follow these simple tips to catch more critters: When putting out cage traps, it’s critical to bait them properly. The bait must be placed in the back of the trap... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: How to Use Rodent Snap Traps Posted on 23 Mar 2015 in the Rodents & Tips and Tricks categories.

When using wood-based, expanded-trigger rodent snap traps, pest management professionals (PMPs) must set them properly to achieve required results. What some PMPs aren’t aware of is a benefit of these... Read more»

Tips and Tricks: How to Eradicate Those Last Few Mice Posted on 15 Sep 2014 in the 0914 & Mice & Rodents & Tips and Tricks categories.

We’ve all run into difficult situations at accounts where we couldn’t catch the last few difficult mice in multiple-catch traps (MCTs). To eradicate them, evaluate the situation and do things... Read more»