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Stoy Hedges, BCE, is an entomologist with Terminix.

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Tips and Tricks: ‘Start with the Insect’ When Dealing with Stored Product Pests Posted on 18 Jun 2014 in the Beetles & Stored Product Pests & Tips and Tricks categories.

Of the more than 30 species of beetles that infest stored products, only a few are considered serious pests. Some, like the rice weevil and lesser grain borer, are far... Read more»

Tips and Tricks: Birds Will Nest Anywhere; Be Prepared Indoors or Out Posted on 01 Apr 2014 in the Birds & Tips and Tricks categories.

Although most bird control and exclusion work occurs outside buildings, birds will nest inside attics or ceiling voids occasionally because of openings. All animals have parasites of one type or... Read more»

Terminix: Ants Posted on 13 Oct 2013 in the Ants & Argentine Ants & Carpenter Ants & Crazy Ants & Fire Ants & Tips and Tricks categories.

Three kinds of animals fight battles in formations: humans, crows and ants. Perhaps that’s why various species of pest ants still hold the title as the No. 1 invader of... Read more»

Terminix: Spiders Posted on 28 Jun 2013 in the Spiders & Tips and Tricks categories.

By Stoy Hedges, BCE All spiders have venom glands, but the venom of most spiders is not dangerous to people. Two exceptions in the United States are the black widow... Read more»

Terminix International: Wasps Posted on 29 Apr 2013 in the Tips and Tricks & Wasps categories.

By Stoy Hedges, BCE Where cicada killer wasps (Sphecius spp.) have congregated in larger numbers, nesting in a particular landscape bed, the wasps can be deterred from using that site... Read more»