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USFS presents 2015 termiticide report Posted on 11 Apr 2016 in the Drywood Termites & featured & Invasive/Occasional Species & Termites categories.

Since the late 1930s, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service (USFS) Termiticide Testing Program has investigated various soil-applied termiticides for efficacy against subterranean termites. These studies were originally funded... Read more»

The USFS Presents its Annual Termiticide Report for 2014 Posted on 15 Apr 2015 in the featured & Invasive/Occasional Species & Termites categories.

For a termiticide to reach the American market where it’s available for purchase by pest management professionals (PMPs), it must be federally registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).... Read more»

USDA – Forest Service Termiticide Report for 2013 Posted on 01 Apr 2014 in the Termites categories.

In the United States, termiticides are considered for federal registration by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) based, in part, on the results of five-year, small-plot field efficacy tests performed by... Read more»

USDA-FS Termiticide Report for 2012 Posted on 01 Feb 2013 in the Termites categories.

Federal termiticide registration is based in part on field test efficacy data reported to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These field tests evaluate termiticides for five years before... Read more»