Smokey Brown Cockroaches

Photo: ©Pan Luo

What to consider when managing cockroaches at sensitive accounts

November 4, 2016 By
Healthcare facilities like surgical centers, hospitals, nursing homes and clinics have several unique features that require pest management professionals (PMPs) to deploy special strategies and techniques. Because cockroaches are a reservoir of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and protozoa, cockroaches might pose... Read more»

Tips & Tricks: Monitor cockroach population changes

March 23, 2016 By
Predicting cockroach population changes and movement can be critical during winter and early spring. Cockroaches are typically suppressed during colder months, so take advantage of this by continuing to monitor and treat with baits and insect growth regulators (IGRs). Here... Read more»

Pest Colloquial Names and Mistaken Identities

April 12, 2012 By
It is interesting how many customers have their own names for pests based on what their parents and friends called them. These colloquial pest names get passed down generation after generation. As a result, pest management professionals (PMPs) have to... Read more»

Different Species Require a Different Approach

December 5, 2008 By
By:¬†Austin Frishman A cockroach is a cockroach is a cockroach? When it pertains to control and elimination, not so. Sometimes what works for one species will not work for another. Here are a few examples for pest species other than... Read more»