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Mouse trouble? Up your game

November 20, 2020 By
Have you had more trouble than usual with house mice (Mus musculus)? If we see mouse behavior change, our own behavior will need to change accordingly. Read more»
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Investigating the clues that bed bugs ‘drop’

March 7, 2020 By
Bed bug droppings reveal a little bit about the bug and sometimes a little information reveals a lot. Learn more about investigating the clues. Read more»
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What you capture on an insect monitor can provide plenty of information. PHOTO: MARK SHEPERDIGIAN, BCE

Fresh traps give fresh information

February 4, 2020 By
Effective control of the German cockroach starts with accurate information about the cockroach population from insect monitors and fresh traps. Read more»
German cockroaches can become finicky beasts at times, but these cockroaches are indicating that this bait will do nicely. PHOTO: MARK SHEPERDIGIAN, BCE

Why resistant cockroach accounts aren’t futile

November 6, 2019 By
Manage resistance by always using more than one class of insecticide. Rotate among classes of insecticides that are subject to resistance. One of the major reasons why German cockroaches (Blattella germanica) are difficult to control is resistance to the pesticides... Read more»

Bed bugs: Proactive programs prevent poor performance

October 30, 2019 By
Reactive bed bug programs in multi-family accounts cost more. Never underestimate your influence on client expectations. Do your clients think bed bugs can be eliminated? Do they think they can be managed? Bed bug programs for multi-family housing are either... Read more»
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Locating cockroaches: The next best thing to X-ray vision

August 22, 2019 By
Cockroach hangouts would be easier to find if we had the ability to see through walls. Mark Sheperdigian shares some tips for locating cockroaches. Read more»

Identify the source to prevent bed bug re-introductions

May 3, 2019 By
Helping tenants prevent a reintroduction is as valuable as getting rid of the bed bugs in the first place. Tenants often cannot imagine how they became infested. We know how important it is to prevent bed bug reintroductions. If customers... Read more»
Photo: Mark Sheperdigian

The evolution of German cockroach treatments

August 12, 2016 By
German cockroach control used to mean cleanouts, follow-up treatments and regular preventive services. The old techniques are still necessary to complete your cockroach portfolio. Before the modern era of baiting, control for German cockroaches meant late-night cleanouts performed by a... Read more»
Photo: Mark Sheperdigian

How to improve German cockroach control? Learn their behavior

March 1, 2016 By
Knowing the basics of German cockroach behavior can drastically improve pest management professional's cockroach control efforts Read more»
Photo: Mark sheperdigian

SHEPerspective: Bed Bugs

January 18, 2016 By
  Human behavior: Bed bugs are counting on it When people don’t know any better, they’ll try the easy answer first. The solution to bed bug ignorance is education — and there’s no one better to provide it than the... Read more»
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